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Modernizing Tradition

We respect tradition while also adapting to more sensible modern practices when it makes sense

Charcuterie is an ancient art with many traditional practices. While we respect many practices that result in a better-tasting product, other unnecessary traditions are better left in the past. For example, unlike the traditional practice, Gwen will not finish its salami with a protective coat of mold. The purpose for the technique dates back to when we would age meats in caves, but modern health codes prohibit this practice. Gwen will omit the addition of mold in the salami-making process, as the process adds a flavor we feel mutes the taste of the cured meat. While we respect tradition at Gwen, we are also moving food forward to open up new possibilities for age-old techniques. Take me home with you! We can provide you with everything you need to create and serve a beautiful charcuterie board that will rival the best restaurants. The gourmet meat aficionado will suitably be impressed, just add a baguette!